Counter-Strike 2


June 19, 2024

Today we announce that Adam “Grizz” Golden is no longer a part of the active CS roster and is an unrestricted F/A.

We can’t thank Adam enough for bringing stability to our division at a time of ongoing turbulence. He has been a professional in and out of the server during his time with us, and we appreciate and admire the dedication and positive attitude he showed throughout, no matter the circumstance. Thank you, Adam  we wish you the best in your next chapter, we’ll always be rooting for you.

Today we announce that Keller “SLIGHT” Nilan is no longer a part of the active CS roster and has been transfer listed as a restricted F/A.

There aren’t enough words to describe what Keller has meant to our CS division, as he has been here since its inception. Every day he brought a competitive attitude and a pure desire to win that is unparalleled, while helping guide our rosters to many victories and qualifications. Thank you, Keller, we appreciate everything you gave to Wildcard and have no doubt you will find success wherever you go. Best of luck!

We know to some, these moves might seem confusing, but just trust us that we have been working very hard to bring new heights to the CS2 division and are excited to update you on what's to come, so stay tuned to our X & website.



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