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Meet the New Wildcard

June 18, 2024

Hey everyone, I'm Travis Howell AKA Creative Grenade, and I'm honored to share this new Wildcard brand with all of you.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Wildcard team on the redesign of their branding. I never thought that back in 2017 when my team at Creative Grenade designed the original Wildcard Gaming logo that I would be designing the new logo now, in 2024. I'm so proud of the final result and my hope is that both fans of the nostalgic, original Wildcard Gaming logo and brand new fans coming in will appreciate this iconic design.

Looking Back to 2017

When we approached this new look, we aimed to strike a balance between playfulness and professionalism. We we're able to retain the iconic jester in this new design, acknowledging its significance to Wildcard's original roots and mantras, while also infusing a more mature and sophisticated aesthetic. The subtle but clear incorporation of the letter "W" within the hat seamlessly ties back to the Wildcard name, creating a cohesive and memorable visual identity.

Initial quick sketches of the "W" hat

Icon explorations

As a Houston, TX native myself, I was so thrilled to hear that this brand update was also directed to represent my home town state. So to reinforce the team's roots and connection to Texas, we carefully selected colors that evoke the spirit of the Lone Star State.

The vibrant hues not only bring an exciting energy to the brand but also establish a unique and recognizable presence for Wildcard in the gaming landscape.

Welcome the New Wildcard Brand

Website for Wildcard

In addition to the new branding, I worked with the Wildcard team to bring you the custom designed website you're looking at right now. From reading the latest news about your favorite esports org to checking what matches are upcoming to viewing full rosters, this new website will serve as the landing zone for all things Wildcard.

Thank You for the Opportunity

It has been a fantastic journey collaborating with the Wildcard staff to bring this design to life. The insights and commitment to excellence have been invaluable throughout this brand update process. Thanks to the Wildcard team for entrusting me with this project and I'm confident that this refreshed design will serve as a powerful symbol for Wildcard and it's passionate fans.

— Travis Howell AKA Creative Grenade


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